Global Eyewear Store

Our History

Our story begins back in 2004 when the internet was still quite new and people used to buy the odd thing online. The preferred payment method was to send a cheque in the post and that was the only thing that took longer than waiting for a picture to load as the average internet speed back then was 0.35 Mbps!

Back then our founder was an avid jetskier and rode the rough seas off south Devon all year round and that quite often involved loosing goggles. The only goggles available back then that did the job at speeds up-to 60 mph were Oakley’s and that was starting to work out to be very expensive so he set out to find an alternative, after testing countless brands from all round the world it was decided that only goggles from Global Vision U.S.A did the job and even outperformed the goggles they were to replace.

By the end of 2004 we were trading partners with Global Vision and have proudly represented them here in the U.K ever since as a main dealer for the region.

It was decided that in order to speed things up Global Eyewear Store would have to be able to receive payment in a faster way and as eBay were the only other site already doing that we decided to be one of the very first sites other than eBay to integrate paypal payment within our online store and the rest is history.

Today and into the future

Fast forward sixteen years and thank to customer recommendations and repeat custom we have grown year on year which is a win-win situation as we can now pass on that success to our customers via the economies of scale as we can now buy in such bulk.

In our sixteen years of trading we have become a one stop shop for protective eyewear which is fully tested and certificated to both American and European safety standards.

We pride ourselves on our prompt service with all orders placed prior to 2pm on a weekday dispatched that same day.