Aero eyewear is a range that we have developed by taking all the features of our best selling range and then adding more as our customers have given us their excellent feedback and product improvement suggestions so the entire range is built on not only our own 16 years of experience and testing but also the combined experience and in depth knowledge of our customers too.

Global Vision is a well respected brand in America and we are the home of Global Vision here in the UK and Europe. Our entire range features UV400 ultraviolet filtration and shatterproof lenses.

FOG3 Glasses and Sunglasses not only outperform normal protective eyewear with their Anti-Fogging performance, they also maintain their Superior level of Anti-Fog performance for up to 2-3 times longer. Our entire range features shatterproof lenses with  UV400 filters. They also exceed both European (EN166,EN170 and EN172) and American (Z87.1) safety standards for both U.V filtration and impact resistance.